WHY Mikko@MyDiet?

How do I start with MyDiet blog?

It's an accidental event when I started blogging Mikko@Craftmaniac and I got an Red eye infection, stood on my weighing scale and realised how much weight I've gain in 2 years.

Sometimes, we just need something to triggers us to make a MOVE.

Let me tell you about myself. I'm the kinda of person who does not care about what others think of me. Live in Happiness and Ignorance applies.

It was because of my eye infection and causes me to have HARD Breathing on 13.05.2013 and I stood on my weighing scale (which I have put it aside for MONTHS)... and i FOUND OUT i was 90kg++.. it's terrible. Make me feel terrible. No wonder I can't fit in my OLD skirt.

But I still don't care. Fat - Let it be!

So, since I have red eye infection and the hard breathing makes me feel tired. I fall a sleep early! Probably 10 - 11pm, I was sound a sleep. Which i did not keep track of it.

The next thing I realised, I've lost 3kg, 87kg on 23.05.2013.

AHAK! It caught my attention! Now, as of today 28.05.2013, I decided to share MyDiet with you peeps.

You have to know the HISTORY of you being FAT.


Friday, July 5, 2013

The 55th day - WEIGHING DAY

My weight : 82.7kg

Copyright reserved Mikko@MyDiet
Wake up time I did not sleep

BREAKFAST :  Nescafe + Roti canai
LUNCH : Coconut water

Body Condition : Sleepy
Sleeping time :  9.30pm

To see my weight progressively reduced ... click MyWeight

My weight reduced "SLOW and STEADY".... It's 55 day of my diet and I loss 7.3kg...

Brisk walking works!

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